Why It’s Romantic to Eat at Mattito’s for Valentine’s Day

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Many people might not put “romance” and “Tex Mex food” in the same sentence.

They should.

Mexico – and the Tex Mex food that evolved from it – is one of the most romantic of countries.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Mexicans – both men and women, although men are “accused” of this much more often – can fall in love in just two hours. Often it’s more of a “love at first sight,” yet the men are known for telling their new beloved the equivalent (in Spanish, of course), “Oh, my treasure, I love you so much!”
  • Senoritas as well as senoras are taught from an early age in the fine art of attracting male attention. They learn how to dress in flirty clothes (colorful dresses and skirts, lots of cleavage and plenty of lovely red lips), high heels, tight jeans (when not wearing a dress or skirt), and jewelry.
  • Mexican women don’t know how to say “I’d like a beige dress, please.” Color, color, color! Is what they want. Red and pink especially!
  • Mexican women definitely expect doors to be opened for them, flowers to be presented to them, dinner to be bought for them, and sweet nothings whispered into their ears. Mexican men are only too happy to comply.
  • Mexicans love a great fiesta. They celebrate with gusto, lots of food, drink, music, and color.
  • It’s impossible to be depressed listening to traditional Mexican music. We dare you to try.
  • Love-lost ballads are some of the saddest of the sad. We dare you not to cry when you hear – and understand – one.
  • Tela novelas.  These Mexican soap operas really know how to put the opera in these daily television shows. They are like American soap operas on steroids: plenty of drama, romance, intrigue, affairs, murders of passion. You name it, it’s in a Mexican tela novela.
  • Don Quijote went on a quest. There’s little that’s more romantic. Don Juan purportedly seduced thousands of women (and we doubt he did so without knowing how to properly romance a lady). Sure, both dons hail from Spain, but much of Mexican culture today comes from the decades of Spanish rule. Spanish romantic traditions have stuck around, big time….

Mexican and Tex Mex restaurants are made for romance. Valentine’s Day is the day for romance in the United States, so….

…make sure you take your love to Mattito’s to celebrate on February 14. Contact the Mattito’s nearest you.

Image courtesy of photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net