Tasty Types of Tequila

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tequila shot

With a drink menu like ours, cocktails can make for difficult (but delicious) choices. But have you ever wondered what the differences were between Añejo, blanco, Reposado, etc? These terms can tell us so much about the tequila’s age, taste and creation, but many people don’t know what they mean. All tequilas start as Blue Agave, but a 100% pure …

More to love about margaritas!

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 One of the many culinary claims to fame we have here at Mattito’s is our delicious margarita. Many Texans enjoy margaritas with their Mexican food, but have you ever stopped and wondered who was the first genius to pour lime, Triple Sec and tequila over ice? Several people claim to have made the first margarita. One story tells of a …