Best Beverages for Cooling Your Tongue After a Spicy Bite of Food

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Let’s be honest: if you’re not a fan of spicy food, then the thought of trying a new Tex-Mex entrée can be a bit…intimidating. Tex-Mex comes in all different flavors and temperatures, but its reputation for heat is often what sticks out in people’s minds. In fact, this distinction is enough to make some folks cling to what they know …

Essential Cooking Tools for Making Tex-Mex at Home

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If you love to cook, then chances are, you’ve fantasized—at least once—about having an enormous, extensively-stocked kitchen with every tool that a chef could ever need (or want). Some dishes are difficult, frustrating, or even impossible to make without the right equipment, and many others can be improved exponentially when certain utensils enter the fray. Tex-Mex cuisine is no exception …

Dog Friendly Restaurants in DFW

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If you work during the day and own a dog, you’re probably used to coming home in the afternoon or evening and being greeted by your canine companion. After hours apart, dogs tend to be genuinely happy and relieved to see their owners, and they’re not afraid to show it! It’s not uncommon, then, for people to feel guilty about …

Chorizo: Your New Favorite Tex Mex Brunch Entree

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Like avocados, chorizo is one of those Tex-Mex staples that has seemingly surged in popularity in the last few years. Every day, more and more people are trying chorizo for the first time and discovering that they love it, but the dish’s funny-sounding name and interesting texture can lead to confusion—sometimes with hilarious results.

Avoiding "Avocado hand": avocados and Kitchen Safety

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Folks, it’s high time that we discuss a health hazard that’s currently plaguing our country. We typically try to keep things light-hearted on this blog, but we cannot remain silent any longer. As uncomfortable as it may be to talk about, we must acknowledge the dreaded…Avocado Hand.

Bringing Tex Mex to Your Home

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Not too long ago, this blog shared some recipes for classic Tex-Mex dishes. While we hope that our list inspired some of our readers to try their hand at Tex-Mex cooking, we fully understand that not everyone has the means, energy, or desire to do so. Well, if you happen to fall into the latter category, today’s post is for …

Dining Tex-Mex When You Have Dietary Restrictions

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No matter what kind of food you’re craving, eating out when you have dietary restrictions can be tough. Allergies, intolerances, ethical concerns—whatever the problem is, finding foods that you can safely and happily enjoy may require you to do extra research, ask questions, and/or make plans in advance. Fortunately, Tex-Mex has something for everyone, and that includes people who have …

“Mexican” Foods They Don’t Have in Mexico

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Not too long ago, we discussed the core ingredients of a Tex-Mex meal. And in that post, we acknowledged that many Tex-Mex ingredients are much more common in America than they are in Mexico. Well, some Tex-Mex foods are entirely American inventions—though they may have been inspired by traditional dishes, they’ve wandered pretty far from their roots! Here are four …

The Best Cities to Dine Tex-Mex

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For many people, one of the best parts of traveling is getting to try new restaurants and eateries that they just don’t have “back home.” And when you’re traveling through Texas specifically, one thing is certain: great Tex-Mex food is never too hard to find.

The Core Ingredients a Tex-Mex Meal Can’t Live Without

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Ask 10 different people what their favorite Tex-Mex food is, and you might end up with 10 different answers. At the same time, though, there are certain ingredients that seem to show up over and over again, regardless of the dish in question. Here are four tried-and-true ingredients that are all but essential for a great Tex-Mex meal:

Vegan Tacos: 2 Recipes

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If you are a vegan and avoid any type of meat, that doesn’t mean you have to give up great Tex-Mex cooking. Tex-Mex features a wide variety of vegetables as well, enough to satisfy even the most particular of vegans. As an example, here are two recipes for vegan tacos. Below are two great vegan taco recipes: This one is …