Summer Sizzles at Mattito’s!

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A scorching hot day turns into a warm summer evening. You’re hungry and need a bit of relief from the sun and fatigue it’s left you in. Well, how about a warm basket of nachos with a side of Salsa Con Queso and a cool Frozen Margarita? This is a light start to the outstanding meal you’re about to eat …

Sunday Brunch Fun with Mattito’s

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Sunday brunch is a great time to spend with friends or family. It’s a time when stories are told and laughs are shared. While all this might sound like a warm and rewarding experience, what if you chose the wrong place to eat? Nothing can ruin your mood faster than a waitress who is more interested in texting than taking …

‘Ritas? Si, Señor!

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There are plenty of origins proposed for the margarita; from a lovelorn bartender attempting to make the perfect drink to woo actress Marjorie King, to an improvised drink made by a desperate showgirl and just about every story in between. Here at Mattitos, we don’t particularly care where the drink came from. What we do care about, however, is perfecting …

Party Planning With Mattitos

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Birthdays, weddings, graduations and anniversaries are a lot more fun when you actually have time to enjoy them. While it’s great to put your own personal touch on things, it can take away the enjoyment of being with the people and things you love the most. So, if you want one less thing to worry about when it comes to …