Tex Mex Holiday Party Ideas

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As the holiday seasons approaches, it’s never too early to start planning your holiday parties. And if you live in Texas, why not celebrate the season this year with a Tex Mex theme? Let’s start, for example, with your Christmas decorations. Instead of a traditional pine wreath, why not take some larger leaves from succulent plants and even non-needled cactus …

Four Essential Tex Mex Dishes

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“Essential” Tex Mex dishes is the topic of this post. So what do we mean by “essential?” Well, because Tex Mex meals are – essentially – Americanized versions of traditional Mexican dishes as brought to the U.S. via Texas’ Tejano culture (people of Mexican or Spanish descent who moved to Texas before it became a republic) , we’re talking about …

Menudo Done Right

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Have you heard that menudo is, well, disgusting? Not tasty? Just plain ugh!? If so, then you haven’t had menudo done right, because when menudo is cooked and made correctly – OMG! It’s heaven on earth. We kid you not. For the uninitiated, menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made primarily of – are you ready? – a cow stomach …

Tex Mex Food Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

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Tex Mex food is delicious. A Super Bowl party needs delicious foods to serve to your guests, so it’s a great idea to serve some great Tex Mex dishes when the New England Patriots play Seattle Seahawks on February 1. Read below for some Tex Mex dish ideas for your Super Bowl party. Dips always are popular on Super Bowl …

Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution: Eat Tex Mex

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The top New Year’s resolution each year tends to be to lose weight/get healthy. There’s an easy to way to keep this resolution in 2015: eat more Tex Mex food! Before you place your hands on your face as you gasp in horror (“Tex Mex healthy? Lose weight? Why it’s laden with sauces and cheeses and the tortilla chips and …

4 Reasons You Should Eat More Tex Mex Food in 2015

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Most people make New Year’s resolutions that have them giving something up. They resolve to quit smoking. They promise themselves they won’t eat so much (they will diet). They say they intend to sit around less and instead exercise more. Here at Mattito’s, we think you should do morein 2015. As in, we feel you should eat more Tex Mex …

Celebrating the New Year in Mexico

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Mexico is a country filled with people who love a party. Celebrating the New Year gives Mexico’s residents a good reason to celebrate in a big way. Just as in the U.S., most celebrations take place the evening before, on New Year’s Eve. Families decorate their homes in festive colors, with each color representing what the family hopes for in …

Christmas Dinner as Done in Mexico

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Christmas Eve tends to be the day in Mexican homes when it comes to Christmas, as it’s on Christmas Eve when the primary holiday celebrations take place. Noche Buena is heralded with the ringing of church bells, fireworks and blowing whistles. Once the final Posada ends, celebrants go to churches and attend what is known as the Mass of the Rooster …

Why Isn’t Dessert as Popular in Mexico as in the U.S?

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Actually, the title above is a bit misleading: it’s not that Mexico residents don’t like desserts as much as Americans do, it’s just that they like desserts that are more subtle in their sweetness. U.S. desserts tend to be exceptionally sweet – a bit too much so by Mexico standards. Traditional Mexican desserts usually were pudding, custard or cooked fresh …

How Mexicans Get Ready for the Holidays

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With Christmas just a bit less than five weeks away, many of us already are in the throes of getting ready for it. We’re purchasing gifts, planning meals and parties, sending out holiday cards….and working hard to be good 24/7 if we’re still a believer in Santa Claus. While the idea of Santa Claus and live Christmas trees in the …

Day of the Dead Explained

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The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) takes place every year on November 1 and 2 (which are the Catholic holidays of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day) in Mexico and places in the U.S. where many Mexican immigrants and their descendants live (such as the Dallas region). While somewhat similar to Halloween (in that both holidays …