Things Only a Texan Would Understand

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Living in Texas changes you. If you come from another state, you’ll soon enough wonder why you ever thought paying a state income tax was no big deal (there’s no state income tax in Texas). Read below for a few more things Texans know that residents of other states don’t. Texas is not all desert and chaparral. The Big Thicket …

Fun Mexican Dishes to Serve at Your Wedding

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It’s officially June, which can only mean one thing: wedding month is upon us. reports that June, August, September, and October are the most popular months for marriages, but we all know that mid-summer ceremonies are the top choice for many brides and grooms. Yes, summer weddings are magical and have been celebrated as such for centuries. Some say …

Let Matitto’s Cater Your Graduation Party

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When it comes to celebrations, nothing says let’s make merry like the Spanish word fiesta. Fiesta means an event that includes festivities and celebration, so when reveling in the high school or college graduation of your son, daughter or even spouse, consider putting together a graduation fiesta with the help of Mattito’s catering services. Celebrate your graduate’s big day with …

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Texas

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Texas has historically close ties to Mexico so it’s natural that Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the Lonestar State celebrates this popular holiday commemorating Mexico’s military victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1861-1867. It’s a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, but it’s become a whopping excuse for celebration in the U.S., particularly in …

How the Taco Became an American Staple

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Tacos are as ubiquitous around the United States as, well, Taco Bell. (We won’t go here about whether or not a Taco Bell taco is a real taco: that is a discussion we will not join….) According to Jeffrey M. Pilcher, a University of Minnesota professor of history who has studied the history and politics of Mexican food, the taco’s …

Easter Traditions in Mexico

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Pascua is what Mexico residents call Easter and some would argue that it’s a more important religious holiday in Mexico than is Christmas. Mexicans celebrate Easter with a combination of Christian and native indigenous traditions and rituals, mirroring the country’s Spanish and indigenous history. Christian missionaries – during the time when Mexico was a Spanish colony – allowed indigenous peoples …

The Americanization of Mexican Food

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Take a look down just about any main thoroughfare in any American town and you’re bound to see at least one Mexican restaurant. From Alaska to Maine, from North Dakota to Louisiana, Mexican food is embraced by just about every person who lives in the U.S.   But a lot of what we eat isn’t true Mexican food, at least …

What is Tex-Mex Food?

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Tex-Mex food is a blend of Anglo (American) food combined with Spanish/Mexican recipes. Tex-Mex as a word or term first appeared in print in dictionaries in the 1940s, which means it was probably used by people for several years before. What is now known as Tex-Mex cuisine has been around for hundreds of years. The first Tex-Mex restaurants appeared in …

Nacho Typical Tex-Mex

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