What Your Tex Mex Restaurant Waiter Wishes You Knew

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Let’s say you rarely visit a Tex Mex restaurant (we hope you’ll soon change your mind and visit Mattito’s more often!). So you may not know a lot about Tex Mex cuisine, how it differs (or doesn’t) from Mexican food. So to help you enjoy your next visit to a Tex Mex restaurant even more – and to impress your …

Simple Tex Mex Queso Recipe

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Many people love to dip tortilla chips in salsa dip. But Tex Mex aficionados love their queso, a creamy, smooth sauce made from a blend of melted cheese (Velveeta is a popular ingredient, as is cream cheese, Monterey Jack, or another type of processed cheese). The dip also is often called chili con queso because many recipes add chili pepper …

Vegan Tex Mex

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Tex Mex cuisine is really easy to make vegetarian: simply swamp beans or rice for the meat normally used in burritos, tacos, etc. But if you’d like to try your hand at a  thoroughly vegan Tex Mex dish, we’ve found one that uses sweet potatoes as its filling courtesy of BeardandBonnet.com that should really whet your whistle.

Easter Customs In Mexico

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Hard to believe that Easter is less than a month away, but the Bunny and his eggs and candy will be here in just about 3.5 weeks. Speaking of the Easter Bunny, he’s definitely an American construct (although he originated in Germany, the U.S. has taken the idea and really hopped with it). There are few, if any, sightings of …