All About Dia de Los Muertos

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While many folks are gearing up to celebrate Halloween at the end of the month, there’s another fall holiday right around the corner: Día de Los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.” Día de Los Muertos is observed from October 31st to November 2nd, and though Americans are slightly more aware of this event now than they were in decades …

Some Great Tex-Mex Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

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April is more than halfway over, and May will soon be upon us. That can only mean one thing: Cinco de Mayo! This holiday is a great opportunity to appreciate Mexican culture, whether it’s by studying history, attending music and dance recitals, viewing artwork, or—of course—eating traditional food! Many folks are content to just patronize Tex-Mex restaurants on May fifth, …

Getting Ready for the Holidays: A Mexican Christmas Salad

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In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated from December 12 to January 6. From December 16 to Christmas Eve, children take part in what is called a Posada procession. Posada means inn or lodging in Spanish. There are nine of these processions. They are meant to celebrate the search of Joseph and Mary for a place to stay. During this time, the …

Easter Customs In Mexico

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Hard to believe that Easter is less than a month away, but the Bunny and his eggs and candy will be here in just about 3.5 weeks. Speaking of the Easter Bunny, he’s definitely an American construct (although he originated in Germany, the U.S. has taken the idea and really hopped with it). There are few, if any, sightings of …

Mexican Holiday Customs to Delight Your Family

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Let’s be honest here: some Christmas holiday “traditions” get a bit old after awhile. The opening presents at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. The shopping – oh, the endless shopping! – from October until December 24 just to get the “perfect” gift.  The fruitcake, the eggnog, the candy canes, the chocolate (well, the chocolate we like), and on, …

Tex Mex Holiday Party Ideas

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As the holiday seasons approaches, it’s never too early to start planning your holiday parties. And if you live in Texas, why not celebrate the season this year with a Tex Mex theme? Let’s start, for example, with your Christmas decorations. Instead of a traditional pine wreath, why not take some larger leaves from succulent plants and even non-needled cactus …